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Hey folks, been a while, hasn't it? Like, over half a year,eh? Well, I wouldn't say I'm back from my hiatus, as I am still not really doing much in the way of art. I tried to get back into the swing of things six months to the day later, but I quickly realized I'm just not feeling it. Yet. Hopefully. Guess I'm still a little -- just a little -- in shambles, but I'm continuing working on myself. It'll be fine, I'm sure. Sort of.

Anyway, my tremendously talented artist buddy Puillustrated asked me for help with his Arrietty x Spirited Away tribute fan art piece a while ago and I agreed to aid him with it. The painting is by no means done, but he's put up a WIP. The gorgeous environment is by him, the characters by me.

Note the image going through some significant changes, but I hope you'll still enjoy the WIP. If you do like it, be sure to check out his other works as well.

ArriettyXSpiritedAway WIP by Puillustrated
Hey folks!

I've been quiet on DA since going on hiatus, but I said I would keep you updated and I'm here to do just that!

You may know but probably don't: I've relaunched my website that has long been MIA. Well, by launch I mean I've built and optimized just enough of it for it to work properly and look fine. There isn't much more than my own ramblings on there for now, but who knows what it'll look like by Version 1.0 (it's currently at 0.3, so it's still far off from actual release). It's an unconventional design (I think) but I believe it works really well. I would love to get your feedback on it, though. Especially if you encounter any anomalies like bugs and such.

I've really missed writing and now that the design and performance of the website are solid enough, I can start writing sentences instead of code (well, mostly)! I just posted my first actual journal entry since the initial welcome post, too! I'm unsure how interesting my life is, but this one might interest you, as it is about the process of creating a really important artwork of mine. It's, admittedly, a long-winded multi-part story, but it's all necessary for comprehension's sake.

To me, art is more than technical expertise, so I think it is important to talk about the complete experience of its creation. I will get to the part where I talk about the brush I used or the reason I chose one color over another, but first I need to give you insight into the arguably far more important parts of it. Oh and throughout these posts, I will show some of my old works since early childhood. It's not "new" art by any means, but it might just as well be, because you've likely not seen it yet!

Here is the post:…

That's it for today, have a great day! :D

PS: Going forward, all my updates will be on my website. I suppose I might share it on here, too, if anything major happens, but you know, that won't be too often.
Incomplete Dragon by KoidZine
Incomplete Dragon
Usually, I don't show my personal paintings to anyone before they're done (especially when they're so far from it), however, it only felt appropriate to leave this one unfinished given the occasion.
I had every intention of finishing it, but ultimately couldn't bring myself to work on the other 50%, as I am not feeling all that well. 

It's a long story, but here's the tldr version: I am stepping away from art-making for some time. There are a number of issues nagging at my mind I cannot ignore any further. It has nothing to do with art, though. In fact, I am doing fairly well as an artist, but just about everything else is going horribly, if I am being perfectly honest. I've distanced myself from a lot in order to become the artist that I am today, but now it is time for me to distance myself from my greatest passion. I should have made the call far earlier probably, but I was so set on doing art on a more sufficient level, I believed myself capable of handling it all. Alas, I can't handle any part of my life right now. So given the circumstances, I have dropped just about all my artistic work. A lot of people counted on my artistic expertise and it pains me to leave those people hanging. I sincerely apologize, if I have disappointed you.

I don't want this to be the end of the road, though. Eventually, I would like to return to the art world in a participatory capacity. I don't know when that will be, but I do know that when I do, I want to do so with a different, more efficient approach. The way I've been doing things so far has been without much care or thought. It's served me well, but I know I can do far better than this.

Most everything I've ever talked about doing might never be finalized at this point I fear, but my one story, Tale of a Cloud Gazer, will eventually come. It might not make it this year, but it will come once I've solved some issues, figured out some things. I am incredibly bad with promises, but I want to believe this is the one I can most definitely keep. I am far too attached to that project to let go of it. Please look forward to it.

ByeByeBoy by KoidZine 


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